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This whole website came about in 2007 after we were taken to task when villagers were fighting a proposed rehab centre in our community. The "Action Group" were confronted by one individual who asked some rather awkward questions about Legal Deposit and Printers Imprints, that no-one at the time had an answer for, as we were totally ignorant about what we were being asked. Having then spent an absolute age researching the relevant information, to ensure we couldn't be called to task again, we decided we would put it all together in one place for others who might need the same help in the future.
So from little acorns............

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Village or Parish magazine/newsletter publishers.
We would be very interested to hear from anyone who is considering publishing a local magazine/newsletter, or anyone who already does so. We may be able to share experiences and ideas, and it would be good to be able to produce an informative list on this website, of these, that others could refer to. Fill in our form (follow 'Add Your Magazine' link above) with all of your magazine details and we will add them to our database.

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A short history of Minster Matters (MM)
MM has been in existence since February 2000. At the outset it was a single folded A3 sheet (4 x A4 pages) which over time has grown to a regular 32 pages whilst the August and Christmas issues usually rise to 36. 
Still in A4 format, the current circulation is 2500 copies per month (no issue in January). All copies have had full colour covers since August 2009, since February 2019 we now publish in full colour throughout. 
Since February 2008 we have also produced each issue as a "talking book" audio CD for the visually impaired, and we also podcast our audio files on the Internet. November 2009 saw us enter the world of ebook readers, for which we produce each issue in 4 seperate formats. March 2011 saw us ordering a Braille Embosser to extend the number of formats we were able to offer, which was eventually installed at the beginning of November 2011 (shipping hold-ups!). We were then in a position to offer Large Print versions as well. Sadly, in November 2017 due to a financial squeeze, we were forced to give up our office at the library and had to reduce the equipment we were able to move, this meant us giving up the braille printer, which was donated to the KAB, and production of large print copies.
Our magazine is delivered free of charge to all households within our electoral boundary and is available on subscription to those living further afield. The running costs are covered exclusively by advertisers and donations. The CD is hand delivered to those who have requested copies in the village, and is also available on subscription. Postage is free to registered blind persons via the Royal Mail.
None of this would be possible though without the help of the "E" team who produce and edit prior to printing, the "D" team who go out in all weathers to make the deliveries, and the two "A" teams who record the audio files, a total of 80+ very willing unpaid volunteers.

Enough about us.
Please feel free to send us your feedback. We welcome criticism both positive and (constructively) negative, and we look forward to hearing from you.                   Email: Village & Parish Magazines

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